(2) 12″ Custom Vinyl with Gatefold

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2 custom vinyl records

Customized gatefold vinyl album cover with front/back and inside designs (optional)

Gatefold jacket holds 2 records

Custom center labels (optional)

Cut by professional engineers.


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    Select what packaging you would like with your vinyl. Each vinyl comes with a white polylined paper inner sleeve and blank labels standard. 


    Design Your Gatefold Cover


    *Center Labels

    Design Your Labels


    Anything over 17 minutes per side is automatically billed at 1.00 per minute up to 20 minutes per side. Suggested to divide up music evenly on each side and to use as minimal amount of minutes to increase quality of sound. 

    Rename your songs per side and order ex: A1, A2, A3, A4/B1, B2, B3, B4 ETC.. If not labeled, record will be cut in random order

  • Make your record maker happy! These products are quality made by hand and cut in real time! All tips go directly to who makes your product

  • * 


    1. Copies of other artists’ full albums, soundtracks or their artwork/images/logos will not be accepted. Any non-original audio must be in the form of a mix of various artists (like a playlist on vinyl!)
    2. Audio ripped from YouTube, Spotify, or any other streaming service will also not be accepted.
    3. All audio that is not original material for a mix must be purchased from a legal distributor, such as iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, or Bandcamp.
    4. We cannot make multiple copies of non-original material.
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Get your audio put on 2 custom vinyl records held in a custom gatefold vinyl album cover! The gatefold cover comes with your design on the outside and the inside or comes blank (opens like a book). Holds 2 records. Each record is 180g weight cut into virgin pvc plastic. Each record comes with 17 minutes of audio per side and billed at 1.00 a minute up to 20 minutes per side.


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Weight 2.125 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × .5 in
Reviews (17)

17 reviews for (2) 12″ Custom Vinyl with Gatefold

Based on 17 reviews
  1. Leona Grzymkowski (verified owner)

    Wow! This was so easy to order, set-up, and design. It only took 11 days for the order to be processed and created, and then just a few more days for shipping. American Vinyl Co really delivered. The gatefold, labels, and vinyl itself are all beautifully done and high quality. Everything looks perfect and is a match to what I created in the templates. I ordered as an anniversary gift for my husband, who loves it and was so surprised. This is the perfect gift for the vinyl lovers in your life!

  2. Jerry Jin (verified owner)

    Overall I’m very happy with the two disks. The gatefold covers are sturdy and well made, and the print is done with a very high quality. As for the disks, sound quality is crisp and clear with good highs and lows. The only issue with them is that the center paths that guide the needle to the center when the disc is over is slightly too far out. None of the players I have tried them with stop turning on their when the disk is over own because of this. One of the discs also has an issue where the lines that guide the needle to the first track brings it in too aggressively and skips a few seconds forwards if not placed very carefully. Aside from these small issues, they are quite nice!

  3. gsinger (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with my purchase! The final product was flawless, exactly what I hoped for. Wonderful quality of printing and pressing! Truly can’t wait to order another-thanks AV Co!

  4. Ryan Paschal (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase, very high quality vinyl and cover!

  5. oracohen44 (verified owner)

    Honestly, the best purchase ever. It’s hard because oftentimes the products were out of stock but it is well worth it. I bought this as a gift for my friend and he absolutely loved it. There are a couple of minor flaws but overall it’s truly amazing. It took 3 weeks from when I placed the order to having the product in my hands which was much faster than I expected. It’s just wonderful so thank you!

  6. Jesse Sanders

    I purchased 18 double gatefold vinyls and they came out just absolutely perfect!! I had issues with the gatefold designer on this site, and they worked through all my questions and concerns with submitting a homemade gatefold design! The vinyls arrived in perfect condition and the audio quality is superb, and you can really tell they put a lot of care into handcrafting them all. I’ll be ordering from them again soon!

  7. davidbolinsky1 (verified owner)

    Great Customer Service!

  8. Kenneth Andrade (verified owner)

    This turned out SO well – Ordered the gatefold double albums – the process was really easy, and only had a small hiccup uploading some files, which customer service helped me with straight away. The order took 3 weeks to turnaround which was expected, the audio quality on the records was outstanding! I was so impressed since my original files were definitely not mastered for vinyl. The album sounds great and the packaging is really heavy-duty. I love how they turned out and will be having a couple more made for my old band mates!

  9. Clark (verified owner)

    Amazing, better quality than I expected, and got it faster than expected, will definitely use them again for custom vinyls

  10. Chris (verified owner)

    Great print, everything looked great. The only complaint is the minor white noise on the album but that comes with the territory. Overall I was really impressed with the sound quality.

  11. Todd (verified owner)

    The best of quality and good communication and delivered when promised. Very pleased!

  12. Madeline (verified owner)

    I truly could not have asked for a more perfect custom vinyl. This was so well done! I absolutely recommend.

  13. Edward G. (verified owner)

    there was a white line left from printing in the inside even though i set the templates up correctly, although i’m a little disappointed in that end, overall the product is in good quality.

  14. Connor (verified owner)

    The vinyl is absolutely amazing! I’m an indie artist who loves vinyl so to see my album finally put together the way I designed it was a dream come true! There were some slight issues with the record itself and the sound quality, but the team has responded and is working to get it fixed. They’ve been nothing but kind and very quick to respond. One of the best online experiences ever. This team is amazing, and I’m really excited to post about my new album for my other musician friends to know they can get their music created here too. Thank you so much!

  15. michael m. (verified owner)

    Beautiful product! From the high quality graphics to the pristine sound of the records! A pricey endeavor but the end result is definitely worth it. I’ve always wanted to have an album of my choicest cuts of my favorite music & these records I’ve had made are masterpieces. Each is A true piece of art! Thank you!

  16. Mauro M. (verified owner)

    Pricy yet good quality. Cover design software was terrible and my perfectly square image came out less than centered on the back cover side. Other than that everything was perfect. I would have bought more if it was cheaper. Only complaint is the cover design software. weird thing is I got the inside covers perfectly centered but could not get the two outside images centered perfectly. Oh well. I realize that the quality of a lossless aif file is 1000 times better than a vinyl no matter how many grams or what system is used to play it. So this Lp is more a symbol of my efforts to hang on my wall. Thanks guys!

  17. Philip McAdams (verified owner)

    I’m extremely pleased with my vinyl. I’m still workin my on the album but created a vinyl copy of the demos and initial artwork to provide to my collaborators: mixers, musicians, A&R as an intermediary step as we work on the final album. The vinyl pressed has helped contribute to my overall creative process. I’m using demo vinyl to help me make final, commercial product vinyl which is has been really cool and a lot of fun.

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