Terms and Conditions


Quality and Re-cutting


We try to achieve the best and consistent sound quality with each record, but since the cutting process has a lot of variables, each cut might have slightly varying sonic qualities. Sonic qualities could include but not limited to: volume levels, stereo/mono distortion, wow and flutter and adjusted frequencies. All products are free from defects such as scratches, severely warped records, and  broken grooves. If a record is reported as defective, it must be reported within 30 days from shipment date. We require that a video of your record playing on two different turntables be submitted for review so that we can verify it is not your setup that is causing the issue. Record players and stereo components have a strong influence on how our vinyl records will sound and operate. Vinyl records produced at American Vinyl Co are made from a special PVC plastic and is different from retail pressed vinyl records, but has similar durability and frequency response.

American Vinyl Co uses the exact audio that is received. If the audio was submitted incorrectly, the record will be recut at purchasers expense. We will not re-cut an order more than once. If audio submitted with an order is found to be in violation of our requirements for accepted audio (ripped audio, full copy of a soundtrack, multiple copies of non-original music, etc.), the order is subject to cancellation. We will not accept audio files containing racist, transphobic, homophobic or sexist material and we reserve the right to refuse service at any time. For short runs, you may be subject to a 10% restocking fee if an order is found to be in violation of our requirements for accept audio.

Covers and labels

Printed materials such as record cover and labels are printed as close to the design submitted/displayed by the customer as possible on either the online designer or the templates. American Vinyl Co doesn’t accept replacements or returns of printed covers or labels due to misalignment, spelling errors, pixelation, or any other flaws inherent in the customers original submitted design. If the product is flawed/defective because of assembly, we will replace the item with the same design that was submitted. Customer must provide photos of the defective cover via email to support@americanvinylco.com. Because computer monitors display colors differently, we cannot guarantee exact color match to what your monitor might be showing. If images are submitted with an order and they are not formatted to our design templates, they are subject to the printer’s discretion in terms of arrangement, alignment, sizing, etc.

Abandoned Orders, Returns, Refunds, and Cancellations


American Vinyl Co will not provide full refunds on any custom products (covers, labels, records) once the order has been made. If the product is flawed/defective because of assembly, we will replace the item with the same design or audio that was submitted.


A customer may return their order for with 30 days with a 50% restocking fee.

Abandoned Orders

Orders that are not completed by the customer (uploading audio, designing cover and labels, or providing any information that is required) within 30 days will be sent a gift credit for the amount of the order.

Gift Cards

N.C. Gen. Stat. §116B-53(c)(8)

Any gift certificate or electronic gift card bearing an expiration date and remaining unredeemed or dormant for more than three years after the gift certificate or electronic gift card was sold is deemed abandoned. The amount abandoned is deemed to be 60 percent of the unredeemed portion of the face value of the gift certificate or the electronic gift card.


No cancellations with refund will be made after 7 business days or after a product has been created. A customer can cancel an order up to 7 business days from purchase as long as the order has not been created or shipped.


Although, our records should not experience issues on most turntables, these records are not guaranteed to work on every turntable. American Vinyl Co doesn’t guarantee these records to work with jukeboxes or automatic turntables without manual assistance to place the tonearm at the beginning of the record and manual assistance to remove the tone arm at the end of the record.


American Vinyl Co does not accept responsibility for USPS errors. All orders are insured via EasyPost insurance automatically.

  • Domestic orders: If a package has not arrived at its destination 30 days from shipping date and doesn’t have a status of “Delivered,” American Vinyl Co will open an insurance claim and the record will be re-cut and shipped. No changes to the order are accepted.
  • International orders: If a package hasn’t arrived after 60 days from shipping date, American Vinyl Co will open an insurance claim and the record will be re-cut. Shipping is not covered by the insurance claim and shipping will be paid again by the customer. No changes to the order are accepted. If it states “Delivered,” American Vinyl Co cannot re-cut or refund without a new purchase. Please contact USPS if this happens.


American Vinyl Co does not offer any copyrighted material for sale. The customer accepts full liability of any legal consequences from misuse of a copyright or copyright infringement releasing American Vinyl Co of all liability in the case of infringement and misuse. American Vinyl Co does not accept unauthorized copies of any audio source (bootlegs). American Vinyl Co will not do copyright checks against any database or collection of music to verify a copyright is being infringed upon and is the sole responsibility of the customer to obtain the correct licensing before placing an order. American Vinyl Co does not own any of the material that is submitted through email/americanvinylco.com website/or any transfer service by the customer and is only offering a service to transfer customer owned/licensed audio material to a vinyl medium. By placing an order from American Vinyl Co you (the customer) agree to all the terms mentioned above.

Transferring of personally owned private audio provided by a customer to a new analog medium is protected under the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992

Privacy Policy

I will only use your shipping and billing address, and contact information

  • To communicate with you about your order
  • To fulfill your order
  • For legal reasons (like paying taxes)