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Sell vinyl with no minimum, no up front cost, and shipped in 3-4 weeks.

Records are cut directly into vinyl

Stereo Hi-Fidelity

Original music only


  • Instructions

    • First sign up at
    • Build your release with options below
    • Set your price
      • NOTE: Don't price your record according to retail pressed record prices. These records cost more than pressed records because each one is made by hand in real time by an engineer. Think original artwork vs a print. Price your record as a collectors item.
    • Upload your audio and artwork per guidelines below
    • We will set up your product and send you a link to sell
    • Records are made in batches of 2. We will wait until a second order is received before shipping.
    • Records take 2-4 weeks to make
    • Larger bands have a max of 30 records per month
    • 0 $
    • $

    Artist Name

    Project Name

    Selling Price

    Set your selling price for your record. Every time you make a sale, we will send you the difference of your sale price and the wholesale cost of making the record.

    Record Size

    7" - $12

    Holds up to 5 minutes per side

    10" - $18

    Holds up to 12 minutes per side

    12" - Two sided/$ 30 One sided/$20

    Holds up to 20 minutes per side

    • $

    *Record Color

    • $


    Premium Jacket - 7" $4.50 / 10" $5.50 / 12" $13

    Glued jacket with front and back print

    Cardboard Jacket - 7" $1 / 10" $1.25 / 12" $1.50

    Blank cardboard jacket

    Fold Over Print - 7" $2.50 / 10" $3 / 12" $5

    Front and back paper print in clear sleeve

    • 0 $


    Printed Labels - $2

    Printed record labels

    Blank Labels -  $1

    Blank record labels

    • $

    Only design for first order, do not re-design for re-orders or we will charge a new set up fee. You can either design on our website or upload PDF files below in the uploader.

    Design Your Cover


    Click an online designer for what ever size record you ordered or click templates and design in your own software and upload below.

    • 12" online jacket designer:
    • 10" online jacket designer:
    • 7" online jacket designer:
    • Templates:

    Design Your Labels

    • Suggested to divide up music evenly on each side and to use as minimal amount of minutes to increase quality of sound. 
    • Rename your songs per side and order ex: A1, A2, A3, A4/B1, B2, B3, B4 ETC.. If not labeled, record will be cut in random order

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    “An imposing figure, a singer who tends to probe deeper depths of expression through imagery and intrigue.” – American Songwriter Magazine

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