7″ Record Pressing Builder


Build your own record pressing package!

Comes with 5 test pressings, master cutting and plating.

Contact us for current turn around times.

Additional options available.


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    Please contact us to see what recycled colors we have in stock!

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    Shipping will be invoiced when your order is ready, estimates below

    Shipping per record:

    .19 (east) / .245 (West)

    Local Pickup Available, call us - Asheville, NC

    Please compress all your files into a zip folder including designs and audio and send them via to

    Processing Fees

    Please use eChecks at checkout for vinyl pressing, no extra fees. A 2.9% processing fee will be invoiced for any Credit/Debit card orders.

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Build your own high quality custom record pressing package. Base price includes top of the line master cutting, plating, and 5 test pressings. Add on all the options you want. We also do download cards, inserts, posters, let us know and we’ll take care of your vinyl dream!

Our online designer is temporarily not working but should be back up soon! Also, we restock vinyl daily monday - friday Dismiss