What are premium covers and how do I design them?

Printed covers are the protective outer jacket that has printed graphics or text, they make your record look good! Ours are 18pt THICK jackets printed CMYK on water resistant material, only the best!

Product pages will have the links you’ll need to access the online designers, these only show when in stock.

  1. Click on the design link
  2.  Upload/place your images and add text how you like
  3. Make sure the background and or images extend into the area that says “Extend background or images into this area” but do not put main elements of your images and or text that you want on the cover in this section as this will be cut off! If you don’t extend anything into the bleed area, there will be white on the cover and we can’t accept returns of covers if this happens.
  4. The front of the cover will be on the right side and the back on the left side.
  5. When you are done, you have to click “Add to cart”. If you don’t click “Add to cart” it won’t show in your cart and we don’t receive it.
  6. Ensure you check out all the way!