Tips for your custom vinyl record to sound great

  • Provide high quality formats such as WAV, 320 MP3, or other lossless formats (although we’ll accept most formats). If music is low quality, it will sound low quality.
  • If you have a mixing/mastering engineer have them deess the vocals
  • Put loud songs towards the beginning of the record and quite songs towards the end of each side (towards the center)
  • Audio without extreme high end frequencies will cut better. Tame your high frequencies.
  • If having 100+ copies made, hire us or a professional mastering engineer master it for vinyl.
  • YouTube ripped music does not sound good on vinyl and we do not cut illegally obtained files
  • Please don’t send us digitally clipped audio or audio that sounds destructive to speakers.
  • Less time = better quality and volume. Best translation will be around 15-16 minutes a side or less on a 12".
  • Basic adjustments are included for our one offs and short run (6-30) records. We will do our best to make sure there is good spacing, volume is even throughout, volume is a listenable volume, S’s are tamed, and more. Although, feel free to prepare the audio with the tips given above.